Our Story

It all started in December 2020, when the world had been locked in their homes for almost a year, and founder Charlotte with husband to be James were 10 months into a hardcore renovation project. It was their first home, their first renovation, and their very first attempt at anything DIY related. Through lockdown they put their novice labour hands to the test (with help from Dad the property guru) and transformed their home from 1950's granny chic, to a monochrome classic/ contemporary twist. 


It was a long road, full of late nights, takeaway pizza and LOTS of trial and error, but through it all it sparked a passion for interiors, that in hindsight had always been waiting in the wings. 

So really, it probably didn't start in December 2020, it most probably started in 2001 when 8 year old Charlotte  decided she was Princess Jasmine that week, and that her room had to become an Arabic palace to empower that vision. Together with her Mum (who always had a natural flair with decor and style) she brought that vision to life by painting her walls lilac and draping Chiffon from the entire ceiling. Together they created a setting that really did make an 8 year old feel like a princess (thanks Mum!), that motive never really changed. Your surroundings should always make you feel like the best version of yourself, at 8 years old or 28. 

Fast forward 20 years, James and Charlotte were sat with a blank canvas which was quite possibly the most exciting feeling ever. This allowed Charlotte to cast her headspace back to 8 years old and decide how she wanted her home to now make her feel. 

The answer? Empowered, classy, unique and decisive. 


So that's what they did / continue to do. Create an environment that is clean cut, intentional, and elegant. 

Now you have more backstory let's go back (again) to December 2020. Founder Charlotte set out on a mission to find a product and create a brand that was a direct translation of her style and empowering intention. She went back to her roots with her Dad's wise words ingrained in her "You want something? Do it yourself" & that's exactly what she did. She rolled her sleeves up, the next renovation project (the Bar Wall) was put on hold, and in it's place she set up what could best be described as a homemade laboratory, to test materials and create a product that sparked joy (Marie Kondo knows!). 

As they say the rest is history, her debut Marbellous Collection came about after a bucket load of not so successful attempts (thanks to James for the patience), and finally a product that matched her intention was born. 

Charlottes products are everything that she believes in. They speak from an 8 year old Jasmine wannabe, that realised your environment does empower you from the inside, and beautiful homes give you the drive to be who you want to be.